The Mourning Dog

I found out about this dog through Yahoo!News. And again, it never fails to touch my heart. I felt sad again and remembered all those sad dog stories and movies that I have came to know.

It sort of reminded me of Hachiko, who kept on waiting for his owner on the same spot, only that his master will never come. He died. In this certain dog story that I am about to tell, Hawkeye, the dog knew that his master was gone. Why? Because he mourned beside his master's casket. His owner is Jon Tumilson, the Navy Seal who died.

This was really heartbreaking. Read on the detailed news about Hawkeye, the dog who refused to leave his master's side, here. I am just so sad and at the same time, touched by how profound a dog's heart is. They are like the perfect creatures that God has sent us.

The picture above Jon Tumilson's casket is himself with Hawkeye. That picture simply shows that there is a tight bond between the two. 

As of this writing, I have read several follow-up news about Hawkeye like how he is going to be adopted by the dead man's bestfriend and how he was requested to march the University of Iowa football team, the Hawkeyes on one of their games.

Mutt Mugs Quote: Love unflinching

Buy a pup and your money will buy love unflinching.
- Rudyard Kipling

The Dog Spots Chronicles: The Mall

Whenever I see dogs on the streets, in the malls, wherever, I want to play with them, or at least, touch them. Hence, this blog series -- The Dog Spots Chronicles. I'll tell you of the dogs that have been part of my life even for just a minute or two. Just because I don't have my dogs with me now.

Meet Purple.

She's a contender for cutest pet in costume as per her owner. Her owner is really friendly and nice and doesn't mind strangers playing with her dog. Purple has a friend, but we didn't get to know her as she was shy. So, we played with Purple instead.

Okay, why are you looking at me like that?

Oh, I'm so tired of being the center of everybody's attention

Oh, here's a pic of Purple's friend. I haven't catched her name.

Stay tuned for more Dog Spots! ;}

*Bark Away: Photo credits go to my friend, A.

Which Toy Dog Breed Do You Like: A Poll Result

I would like to thank everyone who has participated in my first ever poll for Mutts are Love. I also have voted in my own poll. Lol. And my vote went to the Pomeranian breed.

Here is the Poll Result for the Preferred Toy Dog Breeds of random people, I suppose, are dog lovers, who have passed by my doggy blog.

Pomeranian ----------- 4
Pug ------------------- 2
Shih Tzu -------------- 1
Yorkshire Terrier ----- 4
Chihuahua ------------ 2
Miniature Pinscher ---- 2

Therefore, I would like to commend the Pomeranians and Yorkshire Terriers for winning this poll. They really are cute! And I would like to have a Pom someday. But it costs Php25,000.

BoomBoom, my dog, is a half-pomeranian, half-Japanese Spitz. I think these two breeds make the cutest pups! :) Don't you think? 
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