Mutts. What are they?

Mutt, aside from it being the cool sounding word, is a slang for a mixed-breed dog. If you are geeky and kind of despise this definition, then I'll give you what you need:

Mutt --noun (1) a dog, especially a mongrel, (2) a dog which is not purebred, either literally a mix of two or more breeds, as is the case with crossbred dogs, (3) dog which is not literally a mix of pure breeds, but rather which have never been bred, such as primitive or pariah dog populations who evolved without intentional intervention by humans.

There you go. Sometimes, mutt, along with cur, mongrel and tyke, is used in a derogatory manner, but I find it cute. Anyway, I have several mutts with me. Most are of Japanese Spitz and Pomeranian origin. The two are a mix of Aspin (Asong Pinoy or Filipino dog) and some other breed. You'll get to know each one of them. Relax.

By now, you know why I have chose such title. Through this dog blog, I would share the memories and experiences that I have with these dogs. I hope I can bring them all with me soon. I am in my worktown and they are still in my hometown. May this blog be one of the ways that can hasten the reunion process.

Stay tuned for more DogBerries. ;)

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