Posting BongBong's picture required a lot of effort for me. I still can't look him in the eyes in the picture. Then these unnecessary thoughts begin to bug me.

If I have stayed here during the holy week, would he still be alive?
We could have played together for days when I have stayed with him.
He could have been alived.
He could have stayed in my tita's house where he's safe.
Does he hate me right now?

I just missed him. His death is so sudden. He was a jolly dog. I can sense Suri's loneliness, too. He isn't as active anymore. He just lay flat under Ruby, the car. And he keeps on looking at BongBong's post. Dogs know when they lost a friend, too. And they feel helpless and sad about it.

*Real bad feelings creep in*

I don't want to reminisce because I don't want to cry. I'll think of him as my angel, my angel whom I dearly love.

I have adopted an online pet and named him BongBong. I know I have said that I wouldn't name a new pet after a pet who just died because maybe he or she might die early too. But an online pet is different, he has a virtual life. So, it's practically safe to name him as such. I chose the color, nearest to BongBong's fur color. He does look like BongBong. When I stare at him (look at my sidebar, on the left please), it seems like I'm playing with BongBong once again. And it kinda makes me smile.

You know what, the facebook link to my previous post was liked by my mom. Yes, she has a facebook. She even added inspirational messages as comments. She's so adorable. Said she cried when she read my post. Haha. I always make her cry with my written stuff. See her messages below.

I love you, BongBong I and BongBong II! <3

P.S. Even celebrities loose their pets, too. :( Condolence to Haylie Duff. Bentley, her Pomeranian died. 

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