It was a night with the family when I found out about Mishka, the talking Siberian Husky dog. My cousin, who is also fond of dogs, got my attention and asked me to watch the video. Now, I want to get your attention and watch this video for yourself.

Woah! was my first reaction. I thought it was just a trick, especially with Mishka's face during the second time she actually muttered the words, "I love you". But then, after all that, the I love you's were not that clear. And when I saw her other videos, I knew it was not a trick. 

Cute dog eh? I heard Kuya Kim said that animals can actually mimic human sounds, just like the parrot, maia birds and other animals. But that's all, they just mimic, they don't understand what those words mean. But with Mishka, I am sure she understands the word, love. :)

I wish I can teach Suri Cruise (our dog) how to speak. He always grunts and semi-howls. That's potential. :)

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cherie says:
at: November 9, 2011 at 5:42 AM said...

awww i love this video! whenever i feel down, i just watch this and I feel instantly better :)

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