I found this picture in my tumblr. It made me sad once again. Another true dog story that touched me and made me leak once again. Read on.

A homeless man, Kevin McClain is living with his dog, Yurt in a car. This duo is living in Iowa. However, Kevin is dying of lung cancer. They were taken out of the car by respective authorities.

Kevin was brought to the hospital, while Yurt was taken into an animal shelter. They were departed. I know how it is to be away from your pets. Kevin's last wish before he dies is for him to see her Kurt. He wanted to see his dog, his pet, his only family, his only companion, his only love. Hence, this reunion.

Yes, Kevin already died at 57. Yurt, on the other hand, was adopted by Kate and Eric. The new owners said the dog was full of energy. To quote, Eric said,

“When we first saw her online in the bio it said, has a very compelling story, but you know, at the time those were just words,”
Kevin and Yurt had a beautiful story, one of the best man-and-dog stories that I have heard. I feel the urge to spread it to those who know of canine love. Read more about this dog story. Or take a look at the reunion photos here.


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