Moving On From a Pet's Death

Posting BongBong's picture required a lot of effort for me. I still can't look him in the eyes in the picture. Then these unnecessary thoughts begin to bug me.

If I have stayed here during the holy week, would he still be alive?
We could have played together for days when I have stayed with him.
He could have been alived.
He could have stayed in my tita's house where he's safe.
Does he hate me right now?

I just missed him. His death is so sudden. He was a jolly dog. I can sense Suri's loneliness, too. He isn't as active anymore. He just lay flat under Ruby, the car. And he keeps on looking at BongBong's post. Dogs know when they lost a friend, too. And they feel helpless and sad about it.

*Real bad feelings creep in*

I don't want to reminisce because I don't want to cry. I'll think of him as my angel, my angel whom I dearly love.

ByeBye, BongBong ;'c

Last night, my cousin told me out of the blue that my dog died. I felt nothing. At first. It's only when Suri came inside the house gate that I started to feel bad. There's no BongBong that tailed after him. Tito Boyet had made Suri go home after taking care of the dogs for only seven days. Said BongBong died two days before we got back. Blood was in his poop. Must have eaten something.

Suri and BongBong are two Aspins that my cousins and I bought outside the gates of UP Los Banos October of last year. When my titas, cousins and I left Manila for Iloilo for my birthday and a family reunion, we left Suri and BongBong under the care of a relative. When we were in Iloilo, Mama even told me that BongBong enjoyed my tito's place and has gotten really big. When we arrived here in Elbi, I didn't have the urge to ask about BongBong when I would usually find him when I get back here for the weekend. I don't know, but I haven't had the urge to go look for him. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he's already gone.

Why the Blog Title?

Mutts. What are they?

Mutt, aside from it being the cool sounding word, is a slang for a mixed-breed dog. If you are geeky and kind of despise this definition, then I'll give you what you need:

Mutt --noun (1) a dog, especially a mongrel, (2) a dog which is not purebred, either literally a mix of two or more breeds, as is the case with crossbred dogs, (3) dog which is not literally a mix of pure breeds, but rather which have never been bred, such as primitive or pariah dog populations who evolved without intentional intervention by humans.

There you go. Sometimes, mutt, along with cur, mongrel and tyke, is used in a derogatory manner, but I find it cute. Anyway, I have several mutts with me. Most are of Japanese Spitz and Pomeranian origin. The two are a mix of Aspin (Asong Pinoy or Filipino dog) and some other breed. You'll get to know each one of them. Relax.

By now, you know why I have chose such title. Through this dog blog, I would share the memories and experiences that I have with these dogs. I hope I can bring them all with me soon. I am in my worktown and they are still in my hometown. May this blog be one of the ways that can hasten the reunion process.

Stay tuned for more DogBerries. ;)

Intense Debate Comments

Just a test post to see if err, the CommentLuv is indeed working on my site. 

See yoo, smooches

I'm excited to see these poochies soon! 

Finally, a Dog Niche Blog

Hey there!

Welcome to my doggy blog.

I've wanted to give niche blogging a try hence this. Welcome to my dog posts, my dogberries as I fondly called my dog posts in my personal blog. So, be with me as I start this one. :]

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